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Biography of the President:

Ahmet Alim Yucel, CPIM, PMP

Mr. Yucel is an international executive with wide global experience in IT, automotive, aerospace/defense, energy and international trade. His background covers general management, marketing, manufacturing, management consulting and academic teaching. He worked at executive levels both at MNC’s and local companies in the USA, Europe and the Middle East and have conducted business in more than 30 countries. Yucel holds BSEE, MBA and MS in Economics degrees along with CPIM and PMP certifications.

Mr. Yucel has worked for American and international companies (MNC's) such as EDS, Unisys, Koc-Holding, Hattat Automotive, OEA, Logic International, Colorado School of Mines and University of Baltimore.

Yucel thinks “outside the box” and is known among his associates and peers as a strong motivator with high leadership qualities. In addition to managing organizations and creating international deals Yucel has developed his own management methodology “SIGN” (Stabilize, Improve, Grow, New) and has taken and given numerous management seminars at various companies.

He is an action and results-oriented executive with an eye on the low hanging fruits, however in a balanced approach he is also a strong proponent of developing strategies, structural systems and methodologies for the long term. He always advises first clearly defining and implementing company wide long term strategies and linking them with EMO’s (Enterprise Management Offices) to the projects which are the blood line of companies.

He starts with a SWOT analysis and moves to implementing SIGN along with BPR studies, if necessary. His main three differentiating pillars for an organization are “Human Resources”, “Financial Resources” and “Technological Resources and Methodologies”. He concentrates on main business processes such as “new product development & introduction” and “serial production” for both manufacturing and service organizations. As outcomes of management studies, using “change management methodologies”, he has implemented ERP (SAP, Boeing, HP, Unisys) systems, TQM, Project Management Excellence, M&A’s, outsourcing, etc.

He is also known as an effective negotiator with a win-win philosophy and has closed multimillion dollar deals, secured licenses, established JV’s and partnerships for the companies he has worked for.

Yucel is very cognizant of multicultural business activities and has given cross-cultural orientation seminars in the States for the executives working at MNC’s in the Middle East.

At his spare time Yucel is involved with social activities and public speaking. He is an ex-president of Rotary Club of Potomac-Bethesda, MD, USA and an Assistant Governor of Rotary International. He has given speachs internationally at various platforms covering Rotary projects, international relations and international economics. He enjoys playing tennis and chess.

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